Build a Flourishing Garden

Build a Flourishing Garden

Install landscaping plants in Inver Grove Heights, MN

Do you want to improve your landscaping? Plants are a great way to upgrade your yard.

Imagine a flower bed full of blossoms, a yard furnished with well-trimmed shrubs and native trees. Planting services by Greystone Landscaping LLC are all it takes to make this a reality in Inver Grove Heights, MN.

We'll plant flowers, shrubs or trees to complement your landscape. Whether you're adding plants to your yard at home or your landscape on commercial property, we'll come up with a great plan for you. We'll remove old plants. You'll learn how to care for the new plants from our experts. You can also count on us to care for the plants, if needed, with a maintenance plan.

5 creative planting ideas

You'll be surprised by how much of a difference we'll make with the simple addition of a few plants.

Here are five ways to bring new life to your landscape:

  1. Plant sweet-smelling honeysuckle to attract butterflies and birds
  2. Install a flower bed arrangement with perennial flowers for year-round beauty
  3. Grow fragrant herbs like rosemary, sage and basil for decoration and utility
  4. Line part of the perimeter of your property with bushes or flower beds
  5. Showcase each season's flourishing plants in flower beds throughout your yard

To add landscaping plants to your property, call us today at 612-232-1359.